Compensation System

Logically, the role of the compensation plan is to remunerate your distributors. But this is a secondary function. The real purpose of the compensation plan is to motivate profitable behavior.

Many clients request a “simple” compensation plan. What is needed is a simple way to present the plan, so beginner distributors in particular know what to do and how they will be rewarded. However, an effective compensation plan is anything but simple. There is one clear reason: different behaviors need to be motivated at different levels of the business.

Your plan must be responsive to gradations of involvement, from the some-time, part-time distributor who is only casually interested, to the dedicated professional leader bent on building an organization of thousands. Each requires fair reward and the incentives to take positive actions appropriate to their status in the business.

Remember: your distributors won’t do what you tell them to do, they will do what you reward them for doing. Compensation plan design is therefore critical to your success. So it matters who assumes this task. Mike Sheffield is recognized throughout the industry as the leading expert on direct sales compensation. He and his team have a proven methodology that is based on consistent principles, but is flexible and responsive to each unique business situation.

A great compensation plan from The Sheffield Group will deliver the maximum financial rewards to your best-performing distributors and, even more important, to you the owners!


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