Financial Modeling

Every new business needs a financial plan, and the mechanism to track results against objectives. There are of course, numerous tools and services available to meet this need.

However, the direct sales industry imposes unique financial demands. There is a special complexity in the interplay between product sales and graduated compensation for your growing army of distributors. Just as important, this is an industry that follows its own unique cycles. Your financial model must be able to predict, and respond to, the anticipated peaks and troughs of activity that are driven by these cycles.

The Sheffield Group has developed the industry’s most sophisticated and responsive financial modeling tool.  It is rooted in our observation of hundreds of client companies. All this learning is loaded into the system, so that you benefit from the accumulated experience of countless other companies.

With Sheffield’s financial modeling, you can always identify the strengths and weaknesses of your financial picture, and you can instantly adapt your activities to match changing financial needs.

Excellent financial modeling is an insurance against needless failure. More than that, it is one of your most powerful tools for engineering profitable success.

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