Marketing Strategy

Choosing direct sales as a channel is a great first step: but it is not in itself a marketing strategy. You still need to answer some critical questions: “Who is our target market? What do they want? How does our product fit what they want? What is our message? What makes us different? What is our sales process? How will we attract customers? How will we retain them?”

If these questions seem familiar from conventional business, that’s because direct sales requires all the tools and skills of a standard business, plus some. In our industry, you effectively have two products: Your actual product, which will be bought by consumers and distributors alike, and your business opportunity. Each of these “products” needs its own marketing strategy, and all of it must be integrated in a single, seamless plan.

The Sheffield Group has the know-how to help you craft a winning marketing strategy, based on decades of experience with hundreds of companies, combined with the creativity and wisdom of our consulting team. 

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