Special Services

For nearly three decades, The Sheffield Group has developed an unrivaled range of expertise.
Whatever your goal, it is likely that we - or our Strategic Partners - can help you reach it.

Strategic Consulting

Whether your company is in its beginning phases or already in motion, The Sheffield Group Team can provide you with the expert help you need to maximize your venture’s success. All of our consultants are highly experienced professionals who have served for many years as corporate and field leaders in the network marketing (MLM), party plan or direct sales arena and have a unique understanding of the industry. We offer consulting on a variety of topics for both startups and established companies, and are leaders in the field when it comes to compensation plans.

The Compensation Plan Experts

Success or failure of your enterprise depends heavily upon the proper compensation plan to drive the sales of your unique product or service. By taking your specific needs into consideration, we carefully construct a compensation plan that establishes a clean, credible relationship between you, your distributors and their customers. Choosing the right plan is vital for your company’s success and in ensuring its longevity. Please contact us for more information.

Startup Companies – a Partial List of Services

  • Compensation Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Corporate Staff Training
  • Leadership Recruiting
  • Distributor Training
  • Incentives and Recognition
  • Media and Publicity
  • Launch Events
  • Fulfillment
  • Operations

Established Companies – a Partial List of Services

  • Compensation Plan Review and Enhancement
  • New Distributor Recruiting Campaigns
  • Field and Corporate Training
  • Marketing Enhancement and Field Motivation
  • Distributor Councils
  • Development of Business Culture
  • Corporate Organizational Structure
  • Project Management Training and Consulting
  • Training/Support Materials for Product Launches
  • Event Planning and Programs
  • Regional Promotions
  • Seminars
  • Annual Events
  • International Launch
  • Distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Operations

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Party Plan

Today, the look and feel of direct sales companies is changing rapidly. The “one-on-one” MLM sale is still going strong. And “group sales” is growing through Party Plan marketing techniques is on the rise. At The Sheffield Group, we’ve combined the traditional Party Plan approach with the more aggressive business building structure of Multi-level Marketing. We call this the “MLM-Party Plan Hybrid” model. Take note that what we’re talking about is not your mother’s party plan business. What worked for Tupperware and other success stories years ago has evolved into today’s “group selling” format. Though people are intrinsically motivated by the same needs and drives, the times, methods and business model have changed. Here are just a few observations about how the industry works today and some ways the Sheffield Party Plan consultant team can educate and support you in using this amazing marketing strategy – it will help in the success of your company’s launch, expansion or rejuvenation.

An Evolving Strategy

Today’s party plans offer women (and men) an easy way to turn their desire for additional income, the opportunity to have their own businesses or to be their own boss and turn their passion into a profitable business. They pay out more money, to more people, faster than ever before. They don’t require their consultants to stockpile or hold inventory. And lastly, they capitalize on available technology and social selling, which enables consultants to balance business building and retail product sales, not only where they live, but virtually anywhere in the country or even around the world. In an industry that either has to innovate or evaporate, the party plan has evolved to be a great blend of high touch and high-tech marketing. Many of the clients we see at The Sheffield Group are using it to market products and services that range from the mild to the wild. And even more intriguing is that many new and established companies are now seeking ways to integrate a party plan component into their network marketing and direct sales compensation plan and overall marketing strategy.

The Benefits of a Party Plan Model

Here are five great benefits of the Party Plan group selling model. Your consultants can:

  • Have higher average sales per showing. Party Plan consultants average from $300-$1,000 in personal sales per month versus multi-level marketers at $50-$300.
  • Reach more people in a shorter amount of time. Why present a product or service one-on-one when you can get better results with one-on-many? By utilizing Hosts, who are incentivized for inviting friends and family to a party, you have a source of new customers for your consultants.
  • Works well with church and civic groups, employee lunches, parent’s groups, a great number of clubs, schools, etc. You may even choose to have a fundraising component in your plan.
  • Have an advantage because the guests frequently help you sell by simply agreeing with you and by encouraging their friends to try or buy what they like. There is power in consensus. And once the buying frenzy starts, people are quick to follow because they are caught up in it.
  • Find that converting the customers or hosts to active consultants is often simpler because they tried and fell in love with your product or service in a really fun environment. And everyone likes to have a business that is fun to build.

How To Start

So, where do you begin? Here are some specific things to consider when you are starting or expanding your party plan or direct sales company. (1) Do your products need to be demonstrated? (2) Do they need to be touched or experienced so that people can feel and understand the quality? (3) Do you have more than one product or product line? (4) Is your product in a common category for gift giving? If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions then you should consider a party plan or at least a group selling component to your compensation model. This new and improved group selling model is a great way to turn people and passion into profits, and can stand-alone or blend well with network marketing and/or direct sales. So, if you’ve shied away from party plans because you thought they were outdated or one-dimensional, it’s time for you to get this party started. The Sheffield Group Party Plan consultant team can provide you with expert guidance to incorporate the Party Plan model into your marketing plan.

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Compensation Plans: Design and Review

A great compensation plan makes you more attractive to the distributors who will drive your growth.

Your compensation plan is a critical component of your new MLM or party plan company. For many startup entrepreneurs, it’s one of their earliest concerns. And for existing companies, a review of the compensation plan can be a turning point in moving the company to the next level. The role and requirements of the compensation plan are widely misunderstood, so we’ll take a moment here to dispel some myths and shed some light on the reality of compensation plans.

The Myths and Realities of Compensation Plans

Myth Reality
1. The purpose of the compensation plan is to compensate distributors. The purpose of the compensation plan is to motivate behaviors that will grow your company.
2. The compensation plan is simply a financial tool. The compensation plan is also a marketing tool: a great plan makes you more attractive to the distributors who will drive your growth and is a roadmap to success.
3. There’s ONE plan out there that is proven best for all companies. There is no one-size-fits-all compensation plan. Your plan needs to be precisely customized for your product, market space and intended distributor behaviors.
4. The Best Plan Is a Simple Plan. To motivate the right behaviors and to match competition from other companies, your plan may well need a number of moving parts that compensate for varied sales and recruiting activities.
5. A complex plan will put off new distributors.  A simplified presentation of multiple profit centers allows new distributors to choose where they want to participate and to what extent to feel excited about your company.
6. I can buy an off-the-shelf plan for now and change it later. The plan you launch with will have enormous impact on your early success. Some refinements will be possible later, but a major change can destroy your business.
7. Compensation plans haven’t changed much since the industry began. Compensation plans are changing all the time, and to be competitive you need to be fully informed on the latest innovations.

The Sheffield Edge

The team at The Sheffield Group has developed a level of skill in compensation plan design that simply cannot be matched by any other consulting firm. We will analyze your business and provide the best plan suited to drive growth for your product, market and distributor base. If you are at an early stage in your planning, it is critical that you educate yourself on the opportunities, hazards and demands of compensation plan design. We invite you to contact us at no cost to discuss your future company.  

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Software Selection

Choosing the right compensation plan software provider for your MLM, Party Plan or Direct Sales company is one of the most critical business decisions you will make. Our industry today is software-driven. Compensation plans necessarily involve some complexity, in order to motivate different behaviors at different levels of growth. The function of software is to ensure that every commissionable action by every distributor is accurately recorded and accounted for, so that commission payments are made accurately and on time. Software also provides you with a real-time window on your company’s growth, while giving each distributor the ability to view their own organization and payment status. Software failure in a direct sales company of any kind can lead to catastrophe. The problems can be too complex to resolve manually in time to prevent damage. Your army of distributors, a volunteer force, can melt away before you can set things right. Sheffield understands the importance of software integrity, and over the years we have developed relationships with a handful of the best providers in the country. We can help you match your specific needs to the optimum choice of provider for your company. FREE REPORT ON SOFTWARE SELECTION In a classic report, the industry’s top consultant, Mike Sheffield, founder of The Sheffield Group, covers the “Nine Killer Questions” you must ask before taking your first step towards making this extremely important choice. This FREE report, “Choosing An MLM Software Provider – Nine Killer Questions You Must Ask Before Taking Your First Step”, is available by request only. The Sheffield Group has been helping Direct Sales, Party Plan and MLM companies grow from concept to success for nearly three decades. When it comes to choosing the right software for your company, we have the experience and expertise to give you proven, solid advice.

Call to request a FREE Report on MLM Software: 480-968-6199

We also offer a FREE 20-minute consultation on choosing the right MLM software provider, designing a profitable and efficient compensation plan, and starting your company off on a successful path. Contact us immediately to reserve a time for your consultation. Call for Chris Sheffield at 480-968-6199 or email him at sheffield@sheffieldnet.com  

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Direct Sales & MLM Products: The Access To Market® Program

When it comes to expert sourcing of unique Direct Sales and MLM products, our team can help you develop and/or expand your product line.

MLM Products Services

Every company must have unique, new to the world, quality products that provide real benefits to their customers — something that sets them apart and that make a difference. Through our “Access To Market” Program we provide you with products and support materials that enable your distributors to experience positive results and form a “bond” with these products. Additionally, we find products that allow us to price them for success, allowing for the margins that will be required to support the compensation plan, cover overhead and allow the company to make a fair profit. We also help you develop and expand an existing MLM products line to maximize your profit potential. The Sheffield Group is positioned to source unique products deemed suitable for direct marketing. Once you have started marketing your MLM product line, the challenge shifts to issues of cost containment and quality control. We are well positioned to provide ongoing MLM products support in several areas, including manufacturing evaluation, processing procedures, cost containment of raw materials, turnaround time, ongoing testing and new research, proper labeling, and government compliance.

Insight and Innovation

Our insight into the MLM products marketplace allows you to consistently monitor and adjust to continually evolving technologies.

Access To Market® Program

  • Global Network of Formulators, Suppliers and Manufacturers: Connect to the people that you need most through our Global Network.
  • Conference Calling Internet Services: Conference calling provides our customers the opportunity for direct access with their networks.
  • Website Design/Management: One of the leading factors to success for organizations, our website design and management services take you to the next level.
  • Packaging and Labeling: We guide you through the entire process, ensuring you a quality product.
  • Brochures and Marketing Materials Distributor Services: Our top of the line marketing distributor services increase marketing success for our clients.
  • Business Planners: We navigate short and long term strategies for organizations seeking a proven plan.
  • Tax Strategies: Necessary for any organization, tax strategies can increase savings at every level.
  • Recruiting Strategies: Gain direct access to the best, most proven recruiting strategies.
  • Operational Services: Learn how to innovate and recreate the way you perform operational services.
  • Warehouse/Call Center: Discover the benefits to warehouse and call center access when you join the program.
  • Financial Services: Our expert financial services will guide strategic decision making across your organization.
  • Debit Cards: Our knowledge of debit cards ensures your organization understands what will be best for you and your business.
  • Merchant Accounts: We will dive into merchant accounts and analyze them thoroughly.
  • MLM Products: Multi-Level Marketing Products are our specialty and will guarantee positive results.

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Distributor Recruitment

Recruitment is the lifeblood of every Direct Sales, MLM and Party Plan company. We can accelerate your initial recruitment with our proprietary Presidential Founder Candidate Program. Experience has shown that the early acquisition of strong distributors can be a make-or-break issue for a young direct sales company. Your ability to succeed is in direct proportion to your ability to recruit effectively and to retain your distributors. The point of recruiting is not merely to attract large numbers of excited individuals into your company, it is to find and establish a team of leaders who have the experience and know-how to quickly build a robust organization. Some companies mistakenly tackle the problem by enrolling one “master distributor” who stands at the top of every downline. This effectively makes your company a hostage to a single individual, usually an extremely dangerous and costly strategy. The Sheffield approach is to build a team of a dozen or so experienced and currently qualified leaders who are all frontline to the company, and we have a proven system to help you do just that. Our Presidential Founder Candidate (PFC) program is carefully calibrated to attract highly experienced distributors at the beginning, who prove their ability to build again within your company program over a specific period of time. A critical aspect of the PFC Program is that your new leaders have to prove their abilities to you: the strongest resume isn’t sufficient to award someone the status of “Presidential Founder” with its financial rewards and (more important) ongoing prestige. He or she is a “Candidate” until specific benchmarks have been achieved. Sheffield provides a complete program, with the necessary documents, systems and communications to help you accelerate your early growth with a team of proven leaders. Experience has repeatedly shown the extraordinary power of the Presidential Founder Candidate program.  

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Financial Modeling

As your company grows, you will quickly discover the importance of an effective financial model. Without it, you will be flying blind in a rapidly changing business environment. You need a way to predict your cash flows, to make timely decisions on resources, incentive programs, and communications to the field. It is in the nature of a Direct Sales company that growth can be sudden and rapid, though when and to what extent cannot be predicted. Your model must take this into account. At the same time, ours is a cyclical industry. Some of the cycles are easy to grasp, such as the impact of holidays or slow summer months when the kids are out of school. Others are subtler and unique to a volunteer distributor force. There are points where energy is likely to be high, with corresponding surges in sales and recruitment. There other points where energy is likely to drop, requiring swift action to energize the field. Needless to say, inventory prediction is critical. A failure of product supply can kill the business, because you risk not only disappointing customers but also de-motivating distributors. Again, a robust financial model can help you ensure the most accurate as possible inventory needs. The Sheffield Group has developed what we believe is the most sophisticated Pro Forma Financial Model in the Direct Sales industry. Our financial plan for you will “digest” the information developed during initial discussions, and together we will utilize this information to create a startup budget for your company. If you have selected our Pro forma module, we will be drilling down on key financial metrics that will allow us to begin laying the foundation for the Pro forma model. With various members of The Sheffield Group consulting team working together, we will conceptualize your master plan for a successful venture.  

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Operational Consulting

Our team can help you design a solid infrastructure for your MLM prelaunch, guide you through your startup phase and advise you on your existing operations to ensure there is no overlap with the “GO” operations plan for the new business. Without the proper personnel, hardware, software and systems in place, your company will experience many unwanted challenges and needless. The following operational functions will be supporting your marketing efforts and are all necessary pieces in furthering the success of your business enterprise:

  • Distributor Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Control
  • Order Processing
  • Controlled Growth and Expansion
  • FDA, FTC and Other Regulatory Agency Compliance
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Location
  • Office Space and Number of Employees Required
  • Communications Requirement
The Sheffield Group Team is strategically equipped to support you in all these areas. We look at your business in four key areas: Operations, Marketing, Sales and Finance; and create an action list tailored just for you. We can also develop a distributor manual customized especially for your distributors. We have the ability to make recommendations or refer you to expert counsel, if it is not one of our core competencies, in your specific area of need. Please contact Chris Sheffield, Director of Client Services, at 480-968-6199 for more information.  

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MLM Company Acquisitions

Sometimes a Direct Sales company finds itself challenged by stalled growth and a lack of capital. A vicious cycle sets in, because limited revenues restrict the options for investing in new initiatives and supporting existing distributors. One way to break the cycle is through an infusion of capital, by forming a relationship with a skilled financial partner, or it may be time to offer the company for acquisition. If your company is facing difficulties, and you would like to explore this pathway, Sheffield may be able to help. What’s important is that you work with people who truly know the industry, and who are not predators but on the contrary have the vision and resources to turn your enterprise around. The Sheffield Group has relationships with exceptional teams who may have the interest, and the capacity, to help you realize the true potential of your company. To explore this further, simply call and request a strictly confidential conversation, and we will give you a candid assessment of what may be possible. You can reach us at 480-968-6199 or by email to sheffield@sheffieldnet.com  

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Expert Witness

Michael L. Sheffield is a qualified industry expert, certified by federal and state courts, for MLM and direct selling litigation cases. As an MLM legal witness for nearly 20 years, Michael L. Sheffield has testified in numerous litigation cases and is one of the most seasoned expert witnesses in the nation, with respect to the Direct Sales and MLM industry. Note a few key qualifications:

  • Qualified Direct Sales and MLM legal witness industry expert
  • Recognized and used by leading MLM and Direct Sales attorneys
  • Certified by federal and state courts
  • Certified Consultant to Management
  • Chairman Emeritus of industry trade association, MLMIA
  • Compensation plan analyst
  • Specializes in termination cases and regulatory challenges
Mr. Sheffield may be contacted by calling during normal business hours at 480-968-6199 or by email at sheffield@sheffieldnet.com.  

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Our Strategic Partners

Where you have a need that lies outside our specialties, we can help you find the world’s best providers.

  • Our Strategic Partners offer services in:
  • MLM Legal Counsel Software
  • Branding and Naming
  • Website and Print Design
  • Executive Recruiting
  • Merchant Accountants
  • International Launch

The Sheffield Group’s unparalleled network of resources is at your disposal. Simply let us know your needs.

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